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​Our Mission:

Class is in!Through an integrated, dynamic, and enriching dual curriculum, the Madison Jewish Community Day School works with students to develop a capacity for critical thinking, a connection to their Jewish heritage through engagement with Jewish life and text, and a profound sense of community and responsibility.  Challenging and supporting students academically and intellectually, MJCDS is committed to fostering a lifelong love of learning.

Our Philosophy:

At MJCDS, we believe that life is enriched at every age by learning and by a deep engagement with Jewish life.  We strive to instill within each child a love of learning that will last a lifetime.

In our classrooms, children benefit from an environment designed to foster relationships and cultivate respect, curiosity, and the ability to think independently, creatively and resourcefully.  Students learn that determination and perseverance enable each learner to make progress in his or her understanding and to master  new skills.  

It is this nurturing setting that enables children to develop confidence, skills and knowledge that will prepare them to succeed academically and to build a strong, joyful sense of Jewish identity. 

MJCDS students develop skills for critical thinking, creative problem-solving, and personalizing text and context, both Jewish and secular. Our Judaic studies program, which emphasizes Hebrew language as well as knowledge and love of Jewish traditions and Israel, supports the acquisition of skills to read and understand texts using traditional interpretations, while encouraging students to develop their own personal understandings. 

MJCDS believes that asking thoughtful questions, feeling secure to voice original ideas, and evaluating possibilities using knowledge and judgment are key to becoming intrepid explorers of our world.  


“Teach a child according to his or her way.” (Proverbs)  

At MJCDS, we honor individual learning styles through varied teaching methods. We provide children with multiple ways to express their thoughts and feelings and to demonstrate what they have learned.  

We believe that small classes provide for an optimal learning environment. Within these settings, teachers and students have the opportunity to develop relationships in which students are both nurtured and challenged.

MJCDS programs nourish the whole child by incorporating the arts, movement, and physical education into daily learning.

We believe that children who are comfortable with who they are, confident in their abilities, and in tune with their emotions, they will be curious, creative, and empathetic lifelong learners.


“There are 70 faces to the Torah”  (Midrash Bamidbar Rabbah, 13:16)

At MJCDS, students learn that the world can be investigated and understood from a variety of perspectives. In the 21st century, the ability to make connections between disciplines and to apply multiple lenses and tools to solve problems have become indispensable skills.   

As a dual curriculum school, MJCDS has the unique opportunity to integrate various subjects and perspectives in examining issues found in general education, Judaic studies, and current events. Learning is reinforced as students observe that it is both possible and enlightening to study any given subject using a variety of approaches. As students make connections between subject areas, they gain opportunities to relate to what they are learning and develop a stronger and richer understanding of the material.

MJCDS emphasizes various analytical processes including scientific inquiry, mathematical concepts, making connections between texts, and synthesizing ideas across subjects. This approach helps students to understand that both secular and Jewish knowledge can be alive and relevant in all aspects of life.  

We believe that learning is most powerful and compelling when students see the connections between who they are, what they know, and how they can make a difference in the world.


“Who is wise? The person who learns from everyone.” – Pirkei Avot

Learning in multi-age settings gives children the opportunity to live this piece of wisdom through in-depth peer collaboration.  

Children learn with and share their skills and knowledge with people of different ages, strengths, ideas and traditions. In this way, MJCDS students learn from one another and develop skills to become future leaders and role models in their community.  We strive to maintain close connections with the neighborhoods that surround us, including the various branches of both Madison’s Jewish and non-Jewish communities.

MJCDS students learn that a diversity of practices and voices make the Jewish tradition and community rich and rewarding.  

We believe that Judaism is a multi-vocal tradition, where varying perspectives and practices are cherished and affirmed.  


“If I am not for myself, who is for me? And if I am only for myself, what am I? If not now, when?” —  Hillel

MJCDS affirms the educational value of service projects and community activities centered on tikkun olam, repair of our world. We also believe that future community leaders must have an understanding of the diversity of cultures in our local and global community.  

Similarly, as children grow, so should their understanding of the world at large in a setting that inspires a sense of safety and self-assurance.  In helping students to build a sense of confidence, MJCDS teaches students that though the world is not a perfect place, they are capable of understanding and meeting today’s and tomorrow’s challenges.

In this way, MJCDS students develop leadership and social skills to adapt to new environments, promote social justice, and build caring communities.

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About Us

MJCDS is a pluralistic, Jewish elementary school in Madison, Wisconsin.

Our outstanding curriculum of both general and Jewish studies is taught by experienced, highly-qualified educators in a caring Jewish environment.  

MJCDS educators challenge and nurture each student, fostering curiosity, independent thinking, leadership skills and a lifelong love of learning.​


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Head of School:
Marla Becker

Hebrew and Judaic Studies
Clara Lazimy 

General Studies/Theater Director
Jacob Hellman

Language Arts
Beau Johnson

Online Judaics Learning Specialist
Stephanie Kirklin